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Preserving an Icon

Renovations and repairs will help the famous Narragansett Towers stand strong for generations to come


In southern Rhode Island, few things are as iconic as The Narragansett Towers. Arching over Ocean Road, they’ve been the symbolic gateway to warmer days and the lazy afternoons on the beach that come with them since 1885. Thanks to a recent grant from The Champlin Foundation, The Towers will be getting the love they need to stand strong for years to come.

The foundation has granted $125,000 to go towards exterior renovations to the historic building, which are currently in their final phase and are expected to wrap up by the end of the summer. Repairs include fixing exterior stone masonry and repainting all of the building’s wood trim, as well as replacing damaged stones and repointing mortar joints. All of this means that The Towers will be around for a while, creating new oceanside memories for new generations and offering live entertainment all year round. Not to mention serving as the perfect backdrop for those enviable beach day selfies.