Pampered Perfect at Cathryn Jamieson Salon

Treat ALL of yourself this Valentine's Day


Tucked away into the quiet seaside town just steps from the water, in a historic house on the main street, is the cozy beauty haven of Cathryn Jamieson Salon. The building is home to a handful of great services, therapists, counselors and even an organic general store where you can discover delicious local meals, ready to go. But that isn’t even the half of it. Cathryn Jamieson has anything else your heart could desire. I visited on a pleasantly sunny day in this dismal winter slump, to find the Newport Bridge and a whole cast and crew of stylists and therapists ready to greet me and serve up a proper day of beauty.

The entire lower level of the historic home belongs to Cathryn Jamieson, an Aveda concept salon. They have a comfortable former bedroom for facial treatments, a smaller nail and reflexology area, as well as a full salon. Upon entering the quiet respite, I was greeted with some intoxicating Aveda tea that immediately set my taste buds and my mind at ease. My first treatments of the day were a delightful combination of an essential facial and reflexology.

My first order was to get into a cozy robe and dip my feet into a warm lavender foot bath that was filled with tiger’s eye and rose quartz stones to assist in relaxing my feet for the reflexology. Reflexology is a treatment that uses stimulation of the pressure points, in this case in the feet, to stimulate self healing and help the body achieve inner balance. My reflexologist Karen took care of my tootsies while my cosmetologist/esthetician Ellen took care of my skin. I was treated to an Essential Facial service that cleansed, exfoliated, steamed and moisturized my skin into perfection. Ellen also offered a complimentary eyebrow threading, which I’ve never had before, but within a minute, I had tidy brows as well.

At the end of my reflexology treatment, Karen gave me a rundown of what she found. Certain parts of the body when they are inflamed, or a bit over-stressed, leave crystal deposits behind in the pressure points due to the excess of lactic acid, so she could tell more about what was going on with me than I could. Not only did my feet feel relaxed, the rest of my body followed suit.

After my inner healing and facial treatments, I headed over to Kristin in the salon to receive a shampoo and style. We decided to try something different with my rather blah style, and after 30 minutes of pleasant chatter and more delicious tea, I was rocking a new look. My hair finally had some body instead of my otherwise fine head of hair, a miracle from the beauty gods.

For my last stop on the day of beauty train, I pulled back into the cozy back bedroom area for a trip to the makeup chair. Ellen was again in charge of making my face look it’s best and we chatted about all the different makeup products she was using and the pros and cons of each, from one makeup junkie to another. Since I was headed back to the office this particular afternoon we went for a more subtle but polished look, which was achieved in large part with thanks to the airbrush foundation. My co-workers called me “dewy” and I sure was feeling refreshed and fabulous, so I couldn’t agree more.

All in all my day in Jamestown was a small slice of heaven. Every single stylist at Cathryn Jamieson, including Cathryn herself treated me like a long-lost friend. Not only did I have a day of beauty, I had a blast doing it! So if you need a heaping dose of TLC, I would jaunt over to Jamestown and improve your view on the world, inside and outside, thanks to the lovely ladies at Cathryn Jamieson Salon.

Cathryn Jamieson Salon
16 Narragansett Avenue, Jamestown