One-of-a-Kind Finds

Eclectic shopping in Wickford


Kerry Oliver has impeccable taste. Just step into her waterfront shop in Wickford Village and you’ll see for yourself. Eclectic Bungalow houses a mix of vintage and new: from furniture to pillows, from jewelry to soaps. “Everything is either an antique or handmade,” Oliver says. “And most everything I sell was made in the United States.”

Hints of the South County shoreline are present both in the shop’s deĢcor and the items that Oliver has chosen to sell; she’s quick to describe herself as having a “vintage and beach cottage style.” Indeed there are plenty of charmingly worn whitewashed tables and hutches, ready to serve your family dinners or showcase your heirloom china, if only given the chance. Woven straw baskets and nautical-themed lamps are just a few of Eclectic Bunglalow’s many maritime offerings.

Don’t think the store limits itself to this aesthetic alone; a wide variety of items are quite traditional, and suited to grace a wide variety of homes. One in particular stole my heart – her custom handmade “farmhouse beds,” made from solid wood that can be painted in several hues, from bright and bold to muted and distressed. I was also incredibly partial to a vintage dresser that had been cleaned up and painted light green, the phrase “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” stenciled upon it.

It’s clear that this savvy business owner knows the importance of keeping things fresh; Oliver is beginning to carry items that she classifies as “industrial chic” and is also bringing in a new French line. “I just ordered some beautiful French dishes,” she says, “and I’m also bringing in a new vintage furniture line.”

Oliver is also happy to provide design services and home staging. “I will go to a client’s home and work with what they have. I help them get organized, and often move things from one room to another,” she explains, ever the resourceful thinker. “Then we can add in new items to complement the existing ones. You can mix old with new to refresh your home,” she says, “and that’s what I do.”