Being Green Is Easy in Wickford

One Earth Air Plant Center creates Pinterest-ready living sculptures to add a little green to your life


No green thumb? No worries: Richard Lallo of One Earth Air Plant Center has a solution at his magical greenhouse of air plants in Wickford. Otherwise known as Tillandsia, these little miracles don’t have roots, need no soil and grow practically anywhere. A little misting, some indirect light and you have a nearly carefree way to add greenery to your home or office.

Richard, a committed environmentalist, opened the greenhouse in April and carries everything you need to make your own unique air plant displays, as well as a full range of succulents. You can purchase one of the pre-designed arrangements or add sand, shells and beads to create your own masterpiece.

Along with the plants, Richard provides space for local artists, especially those whose work with refashioned and repurposed materials. He likes to carry quirky things that don’t fall into any specific category – think 100-year-old Tupelo wood from the Savannah River, a carved walking stick, ceramics and cast concrete – while reusing and rescuing things that would otherwise be thrown out. Plastic is outlawed here, a reminder of the impact we have on the Earth.

One Earth Air Plant Center
170 West Main Street, Wickford • 413-3456