Local Trivia

On the Rhode Again

Test (and increase) your Rhody knowledge with a new book and game


We all know that one person who thinks he or she knows everything there is about Rhode Island. Truth is they are missing some interesting facts from their trivia arsenal. This holiday, help them and the Westerly Armory out with the new book, Little Rhody and the Other 49, by Roberta Mudge Humble. The book is Humble’s fourth and contains over 300 full-color photos; it’s also packed with interesting facts that compare Rhode Island with the other 49 states. Prefer something more competitive than a book? Then try the challenge of Humble’s new Rhode Island trivia game, Rhode Scholar. Based on her previous Rhode Test trivia game, Scholar has upped the ante for difficultly, with 60 percent of the game based on Rhode Island Villages and National Register Sites. Both make for a perfect holiday gift, and with the proceeds helping the Westerly Armory, you might as well buy a set for yourself too. For more information, including where to purchase, visit the Westerly Armory website.