Waterfront Treasures

OMO Jewels and Gifts in Westerly offers irresistible, American-made goods


OMO Jewels and Gifts recently reopened for its second season. Owner Joanna Papineau Allen says that she always knew she wanted to run her own business, a desire that is reflected in the store’s name: OMO stands for “On My Own.” Using the experience she gained working for the former Sun Up Gallery, Joanna puts her talents to use bringing together a terrific compilation of American-made jewelry and gifts for every occasion.

Located inside the Avondale Arts Gallery, the small shop packs a powerful punch. Each display is a treat for the eyes and it is impossible not to fall in love with the beautiful items for home and self. Jewelry ranges from casual everyday wear to fine metals and gems. The styles include everything from bold and chunky geometric designs and busy boho collections to sleek and sophisticated evening wear. There are colors, shapes and sizes to satisfy every whim.

The selections for the home are just as eclectic. OMO carries a fine selection of beautiful stoneware pieces to pair with gorgeous hand-painted and etched glassware. Multiple items on display evoke the ocean and shore. Vases in stunning blue combos share space with glass waves and sand art pictures that constantly change with a flip of the frame. The kitchen gets its time to shine as well, with personalized cutting boards and kitchen towels with stunning designs.

While enjoying the waterfront view, you can get a desk globe or scarf for the adults, a toy for baby, a card and free gift-wrap too. It doesn’t get better than that.