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Drink to Your Health

The Nook Coffee House in East Greenwich is serving kombucha, an on-trend health drink, fresh from the tap


Your daily dose of probiotics is now available on tap at The Nook Coffee House in East Greenwich. While bottled kombucha – a fizzy cold tea that promotes good gut bacteria and digestive health – is becoming increasingly available in grocery stores, finding it on tap is still relatively uncommon. The Nook Coffee House currently offers three flavors, all microbrewed in Vermont. Flavors change seasonally, with this winter’s selections including Turmeric Sunrise, Mulled Cider and Black Currant. Customers are also welcome to mix flavors to create an original blend.

“They call your gut your second brain,” says Nook owner Shannon Wylie. ”A healthy gut has a lot of positive benefits on your mind as well.” This popular health elixir touts numerous other health benefits like increased immunity and disease prevention, and while some dietitians and health advocates swear by its effectiveness, further scientific studies are needed to substantiate many of these claims. Shannon continues, “I try not to hype it up too much for people, but you can just tell [when you drink it] that you feel good.”