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More Pizza for South County

Neapolitan pizza comes to the South County Commons


Pasquale’s Pizza Coming Soon to South County Commons 
Iliano Pasquale is building on the success of well-established Westerly eateries, Vetrano’s and Vitorria’s. The former is a traditional Italian eatery, and the latter, the compulsory pizza joint sibling. If staying up needlessly late in the ‘90s watching George Foreman ads taught me anything, it’s that if you put your name on something, you have to believe it’s good, and that’s why Iliano has broken with his “v” theme of the other restaurants, and named his new pizza spot Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana. Coming soon to South County Commons, at the former location of Colvitto’s, this will be a wood-fired pizza spot with foldable slices and charred bubbles – the way God intended it, Chicago.