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Matcha Made in Heaven

Trade your iced coffee for this green tea variety at Junk & Java


Junk & Java is an offbeat little coffee joint in Westerly, and patrons order the Iced Matcha Latte all summer long. Junk & Java isn’t the only South County café to serve Matcha Lattes, but they dedicate a whole page of their website to matcha’s virtues. Meanwhile, the sizable patio, with its Adirondack chairs and decorated walls, makes this the perfect setting for an outdoor sipping session.

If you’ve always wondered what “matcha” is but were afraid to ask, wonder no more: This fine green powder is made from ground tea leaves, and the word itself is Japanese. Junk & Java prepares its Matcha Latte in two different ways – first, steamed into almond milk with a drop of honey, or second, steamed into water with a squeeze of lemon. Listed on the menu as a “health drink,” this latte is packed with antioxidants. When the temperature drops, you may also prefer it hot.

The Iced Matcha Latte is a particular shade of green: bright, like a lime, a caterpillar, or spring leaves. The liquid is so creamy that you can barely see the ice cubes floating at the top. And the taste – pure refreshment, from sip to swallow.

“They’re one of our most popular items,” says a peppy Junk & Java barista. “We’re always making them for ourselves, too.”