Local Artist Shoots Iconic RI Lighthouses

David Zapatka has captured almost every active lighthouse in the state


A picture is really worth a thousand words and no one knows this better than local photographer David Zapatka. David is a seasoned photographer and freelance cameraman who has worked on network news for over 30 years. With his newest endeavor, he goes back to his photographic roots.

While enjoying the scenery out at Dutch Island on Narragansett Bay, David saw the potential in some shots of the newly renovated lighthouse at night. He realized that he had captured something truly beautiful in these lighthouses. Ever since that first shot, he has gone to almost all of the active lighthouses in Rhode Island to capture them at their best under the stars. Now, you too can have a bit of Rhode Island beauty as these pictures are being transformed into posters for you to enjoy. Four of David’s photographs, including this one, were just accepted into the National Lighthouse Museum. Talk about the bright side.

David Zapatka
20 Arbor Way 295-0478/486-8674