Leading Ladies: Megan Moran

Megan Moran | Sales Manager, Block Island Ferry Interstate Navigation Company | 304 Great Island Road, Narragansett | 401-675-1240 | blockislandferry.com | megan@blockislandferry.comMegan Moran is a …


Megan Moran | Sales Manager, Block Island Ferry Interstate Navigation Company | 304 Great Island Road, Narragansett | 401-675-1240 | blockislandferry.com | megan@blockislandferry.com

Megan Moran is a South County girl true and true. Born and raised in South Kingstown, Megan took a summer job at the Block Island Ferry in 1999. “I thought it would be a fun job while I was on break from college,” she says. Fifteen years later, Megan is still enjoying her Sales Manager position at Interstate Navigation Company (the Ferry’s parent company).

In her first year, Megan began to develop the group sales department. Seeing an opportunity to market Block Island to both locals and tourists as a destination, she worked closely with island businesses to create unique group excursions. Her grassroots efforts led her to local schools, churches and recreation departments to pitch Block Island as an ideal location for field trips, reunions, corporate retreats and group outings. The idea took off quickly, and soon she began to refine her pitch and approach national tour operators across the country.

That creative, grassroots style has proven to be a successful approach for Megan. A savvy self-starter, Megan took the initiative to have the company’s website revamped in 2011 and started what is now a highly active social media presence. “The travel industry is always changing,” she explains. “Through conferences and trade associations, I’m constantly keeping informed about industry developments.”

Staying on top of trends is important, but it’s Megan’s swift and inspired reaction that has kept Block Island a top regional destination in the last decade. One example is a recent trend with leisure travelers who are looking for “one-stop shop- ping” packages. Megan quickly created vacation packages that included every amenity: ferry tickets, accommodations, dinner, bike rentals and spa services. This summer, she’s excited to debut niche packages, like Lobster & Lighthouses. “The customer experience is our top priority,” she says. “Whether it’s shipping an item, traveling for business, planning a group outing, vacationing for an extended stay or just hopping the ferry for the afternoon, we want the Block Island Ferry to be a memorable part of your Block Island experience.”

Megan feels fortunate to have a job where she can promote her beloved home state. “Rhode Island has so much to offer to tourists,” she says. “We’re lucky to have some of the top tourism industry professionals in Providence, Newport and Block Island who creatively present the Ocean State as a destination for conferences, weddings and vacations.” Building relationships and partnerships with industry professionals, as well as working alongside the ferry’s year-round crew, is one of Megan’s favorite parts of her job. “I just love the collaboration,” she explains.

Interstate Navigation is a family-run business that has been servicing Block Island year-round for over 80 years. “The Linda family believes in supporting their local communities,” Megan says. Following the owners’ lead, Megan works hand in hand with the local communities, bridging opportunities between Narragansett and Block Island businesses. She serves on both chambers’ board of directors, as well participates on multiple event and fundraising com- mittees. In 2012, the United Chamber of Southern Rhode Island recognized her as one of the “Brightest Stars of Southern Rhode Island.”

Megan, who lives with her husband Eric and son Braiden in Charlestown, is looking forward to the summer and debuting a new ferry line from Fall River. And with the second season of the Newport Hi-Speed Ferry approaching, Megan plans to build partnerships in both cities to further highlight Block Island as a great destination. “There is nothing better than creating something with my local partners, seeing it through the entire process and finally witnessing the group truly enjoying their day on Block Island.”