Keeping Lawns Healthy and Happy

Professional landscaping with a passion for lawn care at City Estate Gardener


Healthy lawns and landscapes enrich the quality of life in our neighborhoods, but they’re also good for the environment. Thomas Bennett, owner of City Estate Gardener, wants East Siders to know that taking small steps to ensure the vitality of your outdoor space can have long term benefits. ‘We’re trying to raise the level of professionalism in the landscape industry on the East Side,” Tom says.

To him, that means helping people understand the benefits of beautiful green spaces, which don’t just provide healthy places for kids to play, but also reduce stress, promote good air quality, minimize noise and act as natural coolants. Research even shows that neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and large yard trees have reduced crime rates.

Maintaining a healthy landscape doesn’t only come from watering and mowing, though. Professionals like City Estate Gardener can protect your green space from invasive plant species before they become a problem, and keep away pests like ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. Tom and his crew make sure trees are strong and healthy, and will stay that way for the long run. Yes, they’re adept at handling problems, but protecting against those problems is the healthiest and safest plan for your home and your family. Call City Estate Gardener for a consultation today.

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