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Just Do It - Make Chocolate That Is

A how-to recipe book for chocolate lovers of all skill levels


Confession: I am only a member of the Godiva Rewards Program to get a free piece of chocolate every month. If I were a better person, perhaps I would buy chocolate or learn how to make it myself. Until recently, I didn’t think I would do either. Then I came across Hallie A. Baker’s book Turtle Truffle Bark, a how-to recipe book specifically for making different types of chocolate.

“If it’s the first time you’ve worked with chocolate, I really think starting simple is key,” Hallie explains.
“Having said that, I’d go with [making] the straightforward, but super tasty, Pretzel Bark. If you’re feeling a bit more confident and adventurous, I really like the Nutmeg and Clove Truffle recipe. [It] just says fall and holidays to me.”

Hallie A. Baker grew up in Charlestown, and like her name suggests, she’s quite good in the kitchen where she bakes up a storm. Although she moved from Charlestown and now lives in MA, her heart still belongs to RI, and feels very lucky to have spent her formative years here. She has two Turtle Alley Chocolates stores in MA, hasn’t forgotten where she came from and never says never to returning to the state where it all started.