July's Show at the Artisits Cooperative Gallery of Westerly

“Stolen Moments”-Past, Present, Future Features Lizbeth McGee, Betsie Withey and Deborah Napelitano The feel of sunshine, the fragrance of cotton candy mixed with ocean breezes, …

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“Stolen Moments”-Past, Present, Future

Features Lizbeth McGee, Betsie Withey and Deborah Napelitano

The feel of sunshine, the fragrance of cotton candy mixed with ocean breezes, sultry nights filled with fireflies’ glow. Real or remembered, summer’s precious moments fill our consciousness. In July, the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly will celebrate the many dimensions of time, memory and sensation with its show “Stolen Moments”- Past, Present, Future. The show will run from June 28-July 30 with an opening reception on Friday, July 7, 5-8 PM.

Featured artists this month are Lizbeth McGee, Betsie Withey and Deborah Napelitano.

Lizbeth McGee is an award-winning watercolorist whose inspiration comes from her experiences in the wilds of nature and her deep spirituality. As Ms. McGee states, “When I look at nature, I see the hand of the Master all around me. He has created a glorious masterpiece. From this canvas, I draw my artistic inspiration.”

Even with a formal education in Textile Design from Rochester Institute of Technology, a professional career as a freelance designer and the publication of a book, Mystic, featuring original wallcoverings and coordinating fabrics, the artist never forgot her first seed of inspiration, a watercolor by Carolyn Blish. “I became enchanted with the way Blish had captured light streaming through the window, falling onto flowers and cascading across the floor.” Whether in abstract paintings as in “Tav”, or realistic ones like ‘The Door”, Ms. McGee weaves her own enchantment of light and shadow with skill and imagination. Her work can be found in numerous shows, exhibits, galleries in Southeastern Connecticut, and private collections in the United States and England. For more on Lizbeth McGee visit her website: www.lizmcgee.com.

For a young artist, Betsie Withey has a resume to rival any veteran professional. She creates fiber art, knitwear, and large scale textile art/sculptural dresses and hats. With degrees in both Fashion Design and Fine Arts, Betsie creates magical clothes and accessories. In addition, she has extensive experience in design and illustration, working with organizations and personalities such as Goblin Fruit Poetry quarterly, Brimstone Rhine, and C.S.E. Cooney, for whom she designed a Nebula Awards banquet dress. Her inspiration comes from nature, including all manner of leaves, flowers, roots, and other organic shapes, as well as from folklore, fashion and costume history. With free motion sewing, a knitting needle, and great attention to detail, Ms. Withey creates works of art that appear to have been conjured up by fairy magic. Her work is exhibited from coast to coast and can be found on her etsy shop: www.thefaeriemarket.etsy.com.

Who better to capture a stolen moment than a photographer? Deborah Napelitano has been in pursuit of such moments since she was 18 years old. At first it was a hobby while she raised her children and worked as a nurse. When the artist was faced with the life-threatening challenge of a brain aneurysm, her life changed and a new passion was born. She moved to Connecticut and fell in love with taking photos of the seaside and the city. Ms. Napelitano’s keen eye celebrates ordinary moments that most would miss as in “School of Van Gogh”, and captures other moments that give one pause as in “Storm Approaching.” In her work the artist transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

“Stolen Moments”-Past, Present, Future runs from June 28th to July 30th.

This year the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly celebrates its 25th anniversary. In September, all artists who were ever a member of the gallery are invited to exhibit one piece of work. For more information on this event please visit www.westerlyarts.com.

The Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly is located at 7 Canal Street in downtown Westerly, RI. The Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday 11AM to 7PM and Sunday, 1-5PM. Please call 401-596-2221 or visit www.westerlyarts.com or our Face Book page for information about the show, ACGOW and its artists.

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