Influencer: Nicole Romano

Jewelry Designer


“I feel most comfortable in a T-shirt, jeans, motorcycle jacket, eyeliner, heels, and layers of jewelry. I would call that my signature look. I gravitate towards adventurous combinations, uncommon looks, and intriguing yet carefree style – it all tells a story. There is not much overlap in my work and non-work worlds (I design at all hours), so my attire is not differentiated.

Jewelry is always my starting point. It reflects my personality and exactly what I’m feeling at that moment – everything else in my outfit falls into place. Jewelry is the strongest representation of oneself. Shoes are my indulgence, and I invest in classics when it comes to handbags.

My sources of inspiration have been an intriguing historical character, metropolitan architecture, colorful Italian desserts, stellar constellations, exotic plant life…the list goes on. Essentially, I’m inspired by my client – the woman who has a confident, individualistic sense of style, who seeks unique and alluring designs because they tell her story and represent her captivating personality.

I love Rhode Island because it is the essence of my brand. As a young girl, I was so inspired by the historical jewelry industry that my family was involved in for generations. I then received my degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and went on to start my own business, building my manufacturing headquarters here in my home state and dedicating myself to the revival of the industry that I fell in love with.

When I come back to Rhode Island, I go to The Woods Yoga and Lenore Rae Salon for beauty. My favorite gathering place to enjoy crespella and a glass of wine is at Bacaro in Providence.

I’m launching a new collection and will be returning to HSN to showcase more of my jewelry in the next few months. To be on HSN has been a dream come true. I also have a shoe collaboration with Ser Verde! The collection will consist of jewelry-accented espadrilles, arriving just in time for summer."