Influencer: Abby Capalbo

Editorial Stylist & Content Creator


"I’m an old soul through and through, and that definitely shows in my overall style choices. It’s also a big driver in the way I approach my styling work. I lean towards the more classic, effortless pieces instead of something that might be ‘in’ at the moment. I love pieces that stand the test of time. I always come back to striped shirts, classic button-downs, and flowy dresses.

Whenever I purchase a piece of clothing, I think about how it will make me feel first and foremost – both literally and figuratively. I love a great fabric and think it’s important for clothes to make you feel good on the inside, too. I find it fascinating what a great outfit can do to your confidence.

You can always find me in a pair of good statement earrings. They spruce up my favorite classic pieces and make them feel brand new. And I must admit, I’m somewhat of a sunglass junky, mostly with a new little one because I hate wearing makeup and sunglasses are an instant eye lift.

I grew up in Tennessee, and my parents are originally from New England, so we spent most of our summers traveling up this way to enjoy the area’s magical summers. This area always felt special to me as a child and was a home away from home. When I graduated from college, I knew I belonged in this beautiful part of the country. I spent a summer on the beaches of Rhode Island while interviewing for jobs in Boston and New York City, and ended up meeting my now-husband.

I get a lot of inspiration just from looking around at our little corner of the world. But when I really need a boost, travel is always the answer. I love getting out of my comfort zone. It allows me to really be present."

Abby Capalbo