Home Cooked in a Hurry

Meet the proprietor of this East Greenwich eatery


I’m told you make your own pasta at The Pasta Patch. What’s the process?
We do make our own pasta with nothing but Durum flour and fresh eggs. The pasta machine makes 15 pounds at a time.

Is it something I could do?
Yes, you can make your own pasta. All you need is a Cuisineart and a small pasta crank machine.

How many varieties of pasta do you carry?
We carry ziti, twists, capellini, fettuccine and linguine. We make our lasagna sheets, large shells and manicotti sheets.

Do you make any other food items yourself?
Our signature slogan is “Cater to Yourself.” We are heat and serve. We have at least 50 food items on our menu, all made on the premises. Soups, sauces, pasta salad, frozen pizza (ready in 10 minutes) and entrees ready for your oven.

What are some of your best selling Cater to Yourself foods?
Our top selling items are fresh Pasta Lasagna, Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Parmigiana and Pizza.

How long have you been open?
We have been here 26 years. Back then I saw working women not having time to cook but wanting to serve preservative-free food to their family. All our entrees are fully cooked and ready to go into your oven.

When I think pasta and baked dishes, I think comfort food. What is your idea of the perfect comfort food?
Fresh Pasta Lasagna with a bowl of our homemade meatballs and salad.

In a modern world, how do you maintain your old-fashioned appeal? Why
should customers choose Pasta Patch?
My parents were born in Italy, so wholesome cooking was ingrained in me. We make our own broth and use no preservatives. It’s easier and cheaper to go to Pasta Patch. It’s ready to go into your oven whenever you wish.

If I could try anything on your menu, what would you recommend?
Try the Fresh Pasta Lasagna.

Ferna Rourke owns The Pasta Patch at 183 Old Forge Road, East Greenwich. 884-1234.