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Holistic Hounds

A holistic dog spa opens in East Greenwich


We chatted with Kerri Gotauco, owner of new doggie destination Perfect Pooch, to learn what it takes to keep happy tails wagging.

You only use all natural products for dog grooming. Why is holistic pet care better?
All of the shampoos we use are made out of 100% therapeutic grade pure essential oils, and don’t contain any harsh chemicals. We offer different holistic products to focus on specific issues. One example is our Holistic Skin Repair Shampoo, which is designed for dogs with sensitive skin. This shampoo contains soothing ingredients like wintergreen to help achy joints, muscles and bones naturally without the use of medication or harmful byproducts. Also some dogs may have issues such as timidity, shyness or excitability during the grooming sessions. We use holistic sprays to naturally calm down excited dogs and help empower shy or timid dogs.

Choosing a holistic shampoo is like choosing between organic and non-organic food. Dogs are members of our family, and it’s important to keep them healthy to ensure they live long, healthy lives.

What’s the grooming experience like for the dogs?
Each pooch gets two baths then a brightening shampoo and conditioner if needed, all while hearing relaxing nature sounds. We use Happy Hoodies that cover the ears so the dryer doesn’t frighten the dogs. After your pooch is dry, we use a separate dryer for brushing to keep the coat looking great. If your pooch passes our doggie daycare requirements, he can relax on beds or walk free in the grooming area until he is picked up. We do not like to crate dogs unless necessary. We love dogs and like to see them as comfortable as possible.

You offer dog training and socialization classes. What are some common issues you’re seeing?

We see a lot of separation anxiety, pulling on a leash and essentially not following basic commands like “stay” and “come,” which are very important for safety reasons. It’s very scary when a dog darts into traffic and won’t respond to a call. We encounter many other issues as well. Each case is different since dogs all have unique personalities and temperaments requiring individualized attention.

What type of dog do you have?
We have a Yellow Lab named Leila. She is the official greeter at Perfect Pooch! She loves playing in the doggie daycare with her four-legged friends and gets to meet new friends daily.