High Fashion Meets Affordability in North Kingstown

Jazzy is a hidden gem on Post Road offering upscale designer bags, shoes and apparel


Brenda Trillo opened Jazzy, a designer resale boutique in North Kingstown, 17 years ago. She has seen trends come and go but her loyal customers have remained. A hidden gem on Post Road, Jazzy offers upscale designer bags, shoes and apparel.

What inspired you to open Jazzy? 
I have always been interested in fashion. When Johnson & Wales University first began their Fashion Merchandising program, they hired me to be fashion coordinator. I thought it would be even better to open a boutique that offered high-end items at a greater value to customers. At the time, consignment boutiques were not yet in vogue.

What is the big trend this year?
Designer handbags have always been in fashion. My customers are always looking for spectacular designer bags. Skinny jeans and long sweaters are also very popular now.

What designers do you carry?
Of course, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Versace. But I also have customers looking for Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and Michael Kors for more of the preppy look.

What is the most unique item that you’ve consigned?
It is so hard to pinpoint one item,since we have had so many. But I think the green evening gown with ostrich feathers was probably the most extraordinary.

How has Jazzy evolved over the years?
We keep up with the trends as they come and go and always still have classic items. I also just opened an adjacent store called Backroom Jazzy. This is an opportunity to sell the great items we receive at a bigger discount and offer our customers some really great deals.

It seems like you’ve become quite a fashion coordinator.
I know what my clients are looking for. Many of them have been coming here since I opened 17 years ago. They stop in frequently and I can direct them to items I know they will love. I really get to know their style and can dress them from head to toe.

What can women expect at Jazzy?
We know that women are shopping for everything from eveningwear to work and everyday looks. You can buy an elegant fur, an evening gown or a look for work. With bags, shoes and accessories, we can complete every outfit.

If I was going to splurge on one item, what would you recommend?
I would say a really nice designer bag, either a Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors,Coach, Gucci. I think it makes a statement. It accents anything you might be wearing. If you have a nice design- er bag, you can have jeans or a ball gown on and you’ll look fabulous.

What are some basics everyone should have in their wardrobe?
I think everyone should have a luxurious and fabulous fur coat or jacket, especially with the cold winter. I carry mink, raccoon, fox, etc. You have the option to come here and select a high fashion fur or faux fur coat. They are reasonably priced and almost new.

Is there anything versatile enough to wear from season to season?
I would say a nice pair of designer boots because you can wear them in the summer and winter and they always look good with a great pair of jeans. Most people like a neutral color, but stand out colors are very in right now and worn year around. Orange is the new beige. So a beautiful orange goes with any palette.