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Hair Painted Pretty

Balayage and bouncing locks in East Greenwich


So, a bit of background for you. My hair isn’t something I like to “deal” with that often. I usually just let it dry and call it a day. But my color, done four months ago, was getting super grown out and my hair was almost freakishly long – getting stuck in my purse, under my body while I’m sleeping, and even in the car door kind of long. It was really time to do something.

When I arrived at Jaclynn Kate Hair & Makeup Artistry Salon, I found out that Jaclynn, who was scheduled to take care of me that day, was unable to make it (you know, just busy having a baby). So one of her stylists, Taylor, very generously stepped up to the plate to take care of my hot mess.

Taylor agreed that a balayage treatment, very grow-out friendly, would be best for my color, given my lazy approach to hair maintenance. In balayage, the color is painted on, producing something a bit more subtle than ombre. But before starting to paint, Taylor teased the section she was working on, explaining that this creates varied lengths of hair and therefore an uneven distribution of highlights, which produces a more subtle result.

With my freakishly long hair, this process took some time. Taylor continued to section, paint, and foil until my whole head was covered in that oh-so-chic alien look that any woman who’s lightened her hair knows and loves. After the color had time to process and lighten, Taylor rinsed my hair and applied a toner. She went with a mix of neutral and warm tones that would work well with my light (or, dare I say, pale) complexion. That sat for about 15 minutes and with another rinse, we were off the chair again to begin the cut.

Taylor graciously listened to my complaints about how long my hair was, and we agreed on trimming about three inches off the bottom, which would curl up to about my collarbone when dry. As soon as she was done, I could tell that I had made the right choice. She straightened and styled my hair and it looked more glorious than I can recall in recent memory (again, lazy hair lady here).

As I put on my coat and thanked the team at Jaclynn Kate, I realized I wasn’t tugging all of my hair out of my sleeves. My purse didn’t even get stuck on it. I was pumped! It felt long enough, even after letting it air-dry. The best part: the poof had returned to my formerly sad curls – not to mention the spot-on color. I’m totally ready to rock this hair, and when my laziness kicks back in again and I need a rescue, I’ve got someone to call.

Jaclynn Kate Hair & Makeup Artistry Salon

99 Main Street, East Greenwich