Full Circle

A non-surgical facelift


I swear almost every bit of me loves the summer in Rhode Island. All of me but my skin, that is. From the additional sweating (really, another heat wave?), sun exposure and the yucky but obligatory sunscreen, my face is acting all manic. The sun is causing it to be dry and lifeless, while the sweat and SPF is causing me to break out like a teenager in line for a Justin Bieber concert. So while everyone I know is chasing the anything but healthy “glow” of a suntan, I booked an appointment for a facial at 360 Face Mind Body.

I had heard that the spa, which opened in February, was ideal for sensitive skin like mine. For most of my life, I’ve battled one skin issue after another: extreme dry patches, adult acne, red blotches, other unpredictable flare-ups. Trying new products is a no-no. I have three or four cosmetic brands that I stick with, and pretty much let the beauty gods determine the rest.

As I walked into 360 I noticed a sign describing the location as “health conscious skin care.” How apropos, I thought, as my seasonal lifestyle choices were clearly affecting my skin. Michelle Maynard, owner and licensed esthetician, greeted me as I entered the intimate and relaxing space. She gave me a quick tour, pointing out the all-natural cosmetic and skincare products she has available for sale, such as Jane Iredale and Rhode Island-based Farmaesthetics. “They are non-toxic, plant-based products that are optimal for sensitive skin,” she explained. “And I’ve tried them all. I personally stand behind each product here.” Michelle, who has the most amazing skin, admitted that she struggled with her skin most of her life. Much like me, she went from product to product, never truly satisfied with the results. Once she found that an all-natural beauty routine worked for her, she became so passionate about her findings that she left her career in insurance to train with renowned experts in the skincare industry.

After a brief health questionnaire and assessing my current skin condition, Michelle decided to give me her Anti-Aging Microcurrent Facial (which is also known as the Non-Surgical Face-Lift by Saian, the product maker). With my face acting mature and adolescent all at once, I was hoping to find some balance to my schizo skin.

I was so excited for the results that I wasn’t prepared for the process. And boy, was it over-the-top luxurious. As Michelle cleansed, exfoliated and massaged my face, she added one blissfully aromatic product after the other. Next came a handheld microcurrent device that she said would help increase collagen and cell metabolism while plumping up fine lines. She applied it to my face for about 15 minutes, and told me to expect a little tingle (though I didn’t feel a thing). Lastly, she applied a Saian moisturizer that smelled so good I actually let out a small sigh. “I enjoy each treatment with each client as well,” Michelle said. “It really is mutually therapeutic.”

For days, my skin looked and felt terrific. The blemishes disappeared, my skin was softer than ever and my makeup went on perfectly. And I had the elusive summer glow, except mine was truly healthy. 360 Face Mind Body will be hosting two Girls Night Out this month, on August 9 and 23 from 6-9pm.