From Frumpy to Fab

A long overdue hair makeover at Salon Bella


Alright, it’s time for a confession. Until recently, I hadn’t taken care of my hair in a long, long time. The last time I got a cut was nearly a year ago, and I used my own box dye (cringe) to color my hair four months ago. And, worst of all, my 33-year-old greys were starting to show. Basically, I was hot mess. Luckily I had been referred to Nicole Walsh at the newly minted Salon Bella, and was scheduled for a much-needed dose of hair TLC.

Salon Bella, formerly Salon by Sharon, has been a South County staple for ages. Nicole, who has been with the salon for ten years, has recently taken over the reins as owner and given the salon a new look and a new name.

The space was welcoming with a neutrally-cool decor of subtle greys. The new design incorporates touches of metals in the faux Edison fixtures and a bit of rustic brought in by the almost-real brick wall that was crafted by hand by Nicole’s best friend. It was apparent that Nicole’s heart and soul has gone into the salon from top to bottom, and I felt like my hair was in some safe and stylish hands.

After taking a seat in Nicole’s station, we chatted about what my current hair needs/wants/dreams might be. I’d recently given up my signature fire-engine red hue for a more subtle shade of brown that was much more root-friendly, since I have been growing out my super-short cut for over a year. So we both agreed that a trim was much needed, and perhaps also a little something to jazz up my flat brown for the summer. Not to mention blending in some of those new grey hairs that have been sprouting up so frequently (funny, the things you notice when you stop dying your hair.)

After a hearty dose of chit chat, we realized that Nicole and I were kindred spirits. Not only could she relate to my troubles as a fine-haired lady, but we also commiserated over poor junior high-era wardrobe choices and trashy TV guilty pleasures. After we chatted she recommended a subtle highlight to complement the red tones in my hair, that would really pop in the sun and yet be grow-out friendly. She also offered to touch up my temples with some brown to help hide the silver strands.

The dying and processing time flew by and soon Nicole rinsed out my color and it was time to move on to my cut. She took off about an inch of dead ends, and blended in my long-grown out bangs. After a trim and shaping Nicole had the perfect style in mind and blew out my natural curls into a lovely wavy coif. She even remembered me mentioning my insecurities about about having overly small head (it’s seriously so small) and offered to pin it up in my signature fashion where I pin up the sides to create the illusion of volume. She totally knew just what I needed to make this old bird feel all spruced up. After I was done, I was feeling blown out and fabulous with nary a care in the world about my greys, or anything else for that matter.

When I got home that afternoon my loved ones just thought I looked refreshed, and my co-workers noticed a glow in my hair. Those subtle highlights and trim really did the trick in elevating my grown-out, lazy look from blah to blam. All thanks to Nicole and Salon Bella, who totally got me (and my tiny head.)

Salon Bella
20 Main Street Suite D, Wakefield