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A Spring Spa Day

Welcoming a new season with a fresh face at Amanda Grant Skincare in Lafayette Mill


This winter was totally painless and left my skin looking dewy and refreshed… said not one single Rhode Islander, ever. We might have had it relatively easy with snow this year, but the bitterly cold wind – followed by blasts of hot, dry air – were still brutal on my skin. When T.S. Eliot wrote that April is the cruelest month, I think he was looking in the mirror after a New England winter.

When the weather started to match the season, it was time to emerge from my long winter’s Netflix and chill. I knew I’d be a lot happier, and feel more ready to reenter society, if I could shed the layer of dull, dry (and, in a fun new twist this year, hyperpigmented) skin that clouded my vision every time I caught a glimpse of myself. So I called Amanda Grant, hoping that she could save me from my reflection.

I had heard good things about Amanda Grant Skincare. Or, more accurately, I had heard someone say that Amanda was South County’s best-kept skincare secret. She’s a one-woman operation out of Lafayette Mill in North Kingstown, who keeps her business as simple as possible: no receptionist, no fussy tranquility room – just her, her client and high-quality skincare.

When I first met Amanda, I was pleasantly surprised by several things. First, that she uses only all-natural products, which in my case were by Korres and Jeffrey James Botanicals. And second, that there wasn’t going to be any difficult list of services to choose from. For Amanda, there’s facial and facial. “I keep it simple,” she says. “I customize every service, and I encourage my guests to keep a very simple, natural and healthy routine. That’s what gives the skin balance.” Every service, for Amanda, also includes Derma Sweep, which is an advanced form of microdermabrasion. She believes it’s better because, as she explained to me, “it works like a personal trainer for the skin,” melding with the skin’s cycle to increase collagen production and balance the skin’s pH and sebaceous levels. “I like Derma Sweep because it doesn’t shock the skin into submission,” she says, “which is what true anti-aging means.”

Derma Sweep was particularly appealing to me because of its benefits: it smoothes fine lines (which I have now, because apparently time is marching across my face) and it fades pigmentation and discoloration, which I also have, because the harsh, freezing winds from the last season left my skin extra dry and irritated, and it’s been slow to heal, probably because of the slow-to-start spring. The machine itself was totally painless – like a little vacuum on your face – and Amanda integrated the Derma Sweep into the facial between the cleansing and exfoliation. The rest of the facial was also total bliss, including shiatsu massage and facial acupressure, using botanicals like lemon, rose and lavender.

After the treatment, my skin didn’t look like it normally does after a facial. Usually, I look fresh because a lot of things have been put on my skin that appear that way. After the Derma Sweep facial, I had a middle-of-summer healthy glow because of what was happening in my skin. Amanda recommends a Derma Sweep every six weeks or so to connect your skin to a healthy cycle of healing. After just one, and the benefits and changes I saw, I can’t imagine how great I will feel after my next.

Amanda Grant Skincare

650 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown