Focusing on Whole Body Health at Northeast Chiropractic

A healthy path to eliminate pain in Providence


Chiropractic goes way beyond alleviating back and neck pain. Good posture and a healthy spine are the keys to good health. At NORTHEAST CHIROPRACTIC, Dr. Tom Morison specializes in Chiropractic Bio-Physics, the most researched chiropractic technique. He uses his extensive knowledge of the spine and nervous system to alleviate – and often eliminate – back and neck pain, and migraines. Dr. Tom can also make longer term postural corrections, impacting everything from digestion to energy level, and resulting in significantly boosted overall wellness. He can use chiropractic to potentially improve asthma, colic, ear infections, tingling, hypertension, allergies and more.

As an additional path to wellness, Northeast Chiropractic offers Ideal Protein Weight Loss, a weight loss system developed by a medical doctor with a PhD in nutrition. The program not only helps you lose weight, but to understand why and how the body gains excess pounds, and how to keep them off once the program has ended. Some of the patients Dr. Tom has worked with have lost over 60lbs.

Any doctor can say he’s committed to his patients, but for Dr. Tom, it goes far beyond that. He does extensive additional training, far beyond what’s required, because he wants to provide the best possible care and put his patients on a path to healthier, better lives.

Northeast Chiropractic

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