Float On

Glass artist Eben Horton takes to Kickstarter to fund his second Glass Float Project


The sound of lapping waves mixed with warm wind and sunshine takes you back to the sweet summer time, especially on Block Island, where Wakefield artist Eben Horton created over 200 glass floats as part of the Glass Float Project. These handcrafted orbs were then hidden on the beaches and greenway trails of Block Island for locals and visitors to find in a summer-long scavenger hunt. This year, the Glass Float Project hopes to be bigger and better, creating more glass floats and staggering them throughout the summer for everyone to enjoy. Eben has created a Kickstarter campaign for the Glass Float Project 2013 in order to raise funds. More funds mean more glass floats and plus, they will help cover operating expenses, purchase materials and ensure that this event can become a yearly tradition. He also applied for grant money from the Rhode Island State Council for the Arts, but if the project doesn’t reach its $6,000 dollar goal by December 14, then none of the $3,615 pledged so far will be awarded. The Glass Sation, a 1920s converted gas station turned into Eben’s studio, is located at 318 Main Street. He created the Glass Float Project as a way to get people outside exploring and enjoying the outdoors. By donating, you have the opportunity to win an original glass float or even glass blowing lessons. But even more importantly, you have the opportunity to provide the community with the Glass Float Project, a free summer event for everyone to enjoy.