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An East Greenwich spa with a focus on natural skincare and relaxation


There are so many things in life we do simply because, though we know they’re wrong for one reason or another, they just feel so right. That’s where I was all summer, on the wrong side of sun exposure, but with the oh so right sand under my feet at East Beach, or Misquamicut, or Narragansett Town Beach, or… you get the point. After a season as a beach bum, my levels of both vitamin D and peace of mind are exactly where they need to be. But my skin? Well, that paid the price.

I used SPF 50 religiously all summer, but there’s no amount of sun protection that can stop you from tanning when you’re in the sun literally every possible second of an entire season. So in August, I had a great tan. And in September, I didn’t. My skin was looking dull and flat as the seasons transitioned. The letdown from the end of summer is bad enough without being disappointed every time you look in the mirror. So I sought refuge – and a solution to both of those problems – at Tranquil Touch Aesthetic Boutique in East Greenwich.

I walked into the cozy, historic building on King Street that houses Tranquil Touch and immediately felt at ease. There were tasteful, elegant woodland decorations throughout, like real tree branches adorned with twinkle lights hanging from the ceilings in the treatment rooms. Owner and esthetician Colleen Collins greeted me, along with masseuse Allison Deckman, and gave me an initial skin analysis. No surprise there: from my sun worshipping summer, I was overly dry, and seeing more fine lines than I should have. The spa works only with high-end natural skincare: the Rhode Island awesomeness that is Farmaesthetics for regular facials, and the California-based Sircuit for more serious concerns like acne and anti-aging.

We started with a massage, because all of the best things start with a massage. Allison was a master of the light-to-medium pressure I prefer. I know some people want to work out their deep-seated issues on the table, but all I want is to be lifted to the realm of relaxation on a dream cloud. After an hour under the twinkling lights, I was definitely there.

After, Colleen showed me to the facial room, which had the biggest, softest, most luxurious spa bed I’ve ever laid on. I wish I were exaggerating, because that might mean I’d find a better one at some point in the future, but I won’t. It was that good. Her prescription for my skin rescue was a Sircuit Skin Couture chemical peel, which is a lactic acid peel designed to do away with dead skin cells and deliver oxygen to newly exposed ones, relaxing and plumping the face, as well as encouraging cellular renewal, stimulating collagen production and imparting antioxidants to the skin.

It sounds serious, and, well, it is. I had to agree to stay out of the sun for a week afterwards, and to wear sunblock for regular sun exposure, or my skin would peel and I’d undo the positive work from the treatment. It also bothers some people who are sensitive to lactic acid. The peel came in the middle of an otherwise pleasant facial, and while it did tingle a little, I was distracted by the head and foot massage Colleen gave me and didn’t feel anything bothersome. She followed that up with a Lychee hydrating mask and a cold stone eye treatment. I didn’t experience any sensitivity or peeling afterwards. Quite the opposite, actually. People were complimenting me on my tan and my glowing skin. I guess if this is fall, it isn’t so bad after all.

Tranquil Touch Aesthetics Boutique
3 King Street, 2nd Floor East Greenwich