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Eating for Health

Health is a community effort at Raise the Bar Nutrition


Raise the Bar Nutrition is a new “community club” in East Greenwich where people gather for good health and nutrition. The store offers healthy meals (in the form of delicious weight-loss shakes), energizing teas, free wellness evaluations, nutrition coaching, a weight-loss challenge and a fit club.

The store’s four owners are Bethany DiPetrillo (of Smithfield), Amanda Cou- ture (of Warwick), Charlene Viola (of East Greenwich) and Jessica Williams (of North Providence). They’ve all been wellness coaches in the past with their parent company Herbalife and met through that. DiPetrillo and Couture both began as clients.

At 22, DiPetrillo was diagnosed with a heart condition – it was difficult for her to simply climb a flight of stairs. “I got on it for good nutrition,” she says, “not just to lose weight. At the time, I was on three different medications, and told I’d need them the rest of my life.” After a short while on the program, her symptoms started to dissipate; just two years later, she is off all of her medications and is currently training for the San Diego marathon. “I have a nursing background,” DiPetrillo says, “and I was never into products and supplements. But these work. I’m proof of that.”

Couture lost 30 pounds and 40 inches, strictly from the diet. “I was able to come off of my asthma medications in just four months,” she says.

Shakes are the core of the program. Some people are interested in a free evaluation, some just dive into the service head first. The weight-loss challenge group meets every Wednesday at 6pm, with the next challenge geared to start in late June. For those more interested in fitness, a 14-day bulk-up and bikini challenge is starting mid-May. They also do fit clubs, which meet every Sunday at 8am. The fit club bootcamps, held at Goddard Park, have no begin/end date, so people are encouraged to “hop in whenever.”

They are open every day of the week, providing breakfast, lunch, a supportive ear and helpful advice.