Cut Your Own Lavender (and More!) at This Wakefield Farm

Find rolling lavender fields, a farm suite, and rustic luxury in Wakefield


Lavender has a long history in medicine, aromatherapy, and skincare, dating back to ancient Egypt. The delicate purple herb has been used to reduce anxiety and stress, soothe insomnia and headaches, and even treat acne and skin irritations (among many other uses). Plus, it’s just plain pretty.

“I wanted a unique crop that was relatively low-maintenance and which could provide multiple uses,” begins Henry Cabrera, host and proprietor of Lavender Waves Farm, an unexpected retreat in the heart of Wakefield. “I love its subtle, sweet aroma that comes back year after year. I immediately had visions of the opportunity to create a farm with a unique appeal for events and agritourism.”

Cabrera’s farm is just that. When you arrive, you’re greeted by a friendly Great Dane named Minnie. Minnie introduces you to Cabrera, who in turn, shows you around the farm. Sitting on 14 acres, the land that is now Lavender Waves originally belonged to the Carpenter family, who own Carpenter Farm down the road. Cabrera purchased the farm four years ago and transformed it from a “field of hay and an abandoned barn” into a “manicured lavender field and gorgeous farm suite” that, as a bonus, is eco-friendly and green certified.

The tour begins at the custom-built gazebo, lavender planted in a circle around it, punctuated by pom-pom topiaries. Find wildlife all around: Babydoll sheep (so-called for their teddy-bear faces and smiles), alpacas, a llama, Diego the donkey, and birds – about 75 of them – including gold-laced Brahma chickens, Welsh Harlequin ducks, guinea fowl, and a white peacock named Prince Harry.

Then there’s the suite, which is arguably the best way to experience the farm. It’s luxuriously rustic, entirely made from reclaimed wood, from the walls (which came from an old barn in Pennsylvania) and floorboards, to the furniture, including the four-poster bed. There’s a full-sized gourmet kitchen, where specially reserved private chef Lauren Dyer can whip up a four-course, lavender-themed dinner. The bathroom incorporates imported granite and custom amethyst geode sinks from Estonia. There is even a laundry room, complete with washer and dryer and – of course – an array of lavender products for your use. But the real showstopper is the view – you can see the sweeping fields of lavender circling the gazebo from the living room and bedroom windows.

“It’s a never-ending project,” says Cabrera, “which continues to evolve as I strive to make it luxuriously rustic in every sense of the term.”

While Lavender Waves Farm is mostly reserved as a private experience, visitors can stop by the farmstand for fresh eggs, lavender bundles and sachets, and raw wool and llama fleece available upon request. Cabrera also offers “pick-your-own-lavender” days (this month: August 1 and 22), while products made from the farm’s flowers can be purchased from Mama’s Gardens Skin Care. As for reserving a weekend stay? Check out to book the suite on AirBnB, and stay up-to-date on Facebook and Instagram (@lavenderwavesfarm).