Artists Assemble

Painters Over Light shares breakfast, art, and now a show


Imagine this: several artists-turned-friends gathered around a table at T’s Restaurant in Narragansett, huddled over art, breakfast food, and lots of coffee. This humble ritual marked the start of Painters Over Light, an eclectic group of artists dedicated to sharing creative feedback like they do their breakfast.

“For most artists, sharing your work can be a time of great excitement, but also great vulnerability,” says group leader Kevin Richard, who details the artists’ first encounter at a Wickford Art Association painting workshop led by Anthony Tomaselli, their group mentor.

“We soon felt that being part of a group had a transcendent quality, something greater than ourselves. We each maintain our individuality but share a common core through the creative process.”

Painters Over Light is comprised of 13 members: Anthony Tomaselli, Kevin Richard, David Bosworth, Susan Dansereau, Shar Hyland, Lorraine Hynes, Tory Kohn, Didem Kokturk, Stephen Schultz, Pati Sylvia, Jill Tyler, Christine Webb, and most recently, watercolorist Bill Lane. Each artist brings a different technique or school of thought; there is no one style or subject. “The group is not driven by competition, nor does it have an exclusionary point of view about the art world,” explains Richard. There is only one caveat: the group must never extend beyond the limits of their breakfast booth.  

After four years, Painters Over Light will finally debut together in a group art show at OneWay Gallery in Narragansett on October 19. They intend to display over 80 paintings for guests to enjoy alongside food, drink, music, and conversation.

Says Richard, “RI has a history of being rich in artistic expression and we hope to honor this tradition.”