A New Beginning for L'Pearl Salon

L'Pearl Salon offers customers the works.


A couple months ago Beverly Greco, owner of L’Pearl Salon, decided to make a change. She up and moved her salon out of Cranston to a whole new neck of the woods, in North Kingstown. She wanted to focus on what salons used to mean, and that is community. So Beverly set up shop all on her own so she would be able to really focus on her clients and give them that one-on-one experience that used to be part and parcel with the salon business. You need to vent? Need a glass of wine or two? Need to bring the kids? L’Pearl and Bev are here for you. Her goal with this new location has been to offer a welcoming and comfortable space that you can consider your sanctuary away from home – and in my opinion, she has done just that.

I arrived to L’Pearl on a late Friday after work and was greeted by Bev in the large, beautiful space just off Post Road. With just one chair and washing station, an area for waxing and one for reiki, there’s plenty of room for you and the whole family if you need. Not only has Bev been styling since 1979, she’s also a member of the Rhode Island Board of Hairdressing and Barbering and has recently started to incorporate reiki into her list of services. This girl does it all, and is more than willing to cater to all your needs in order to make you feel revitalized and beautiful when you step outside her door

Bev is keen on keeping up with the newest beauty and style trends happening in the industry. Before I arrived, Bev and I had discussed some of the new services she had to offer. The latest treatment she’s brought to the state is called e-Cure, which is from Japan and is designed to help nourish and restore the scalp. Bev explained that the industry is really changing on the science end of things, there are now all sorts of ways to enhance hair without damaging it. Having just returned from the International Beauty Show in New York, she was full of ideas and suggestions about what we could try.

“Bright, bold colors and a lot of coppers are really big right now,” Bev told me. “Sign me up!” was my instant response. As a fan of the bright and the bold I was definitely on board with trying a new shade of copper to try and jazz up my old hue for spring. Her preferred brand of color, Goldwell, has a lot of lifting properties yet doesn’t strip the hair, which was great for me, as I was trying to grow my hair out and wasn’t willing to sacrifice length in the name of a new color. First, she lightened my current shade by doing a subtle foil/painting application of a gentle bleach to try and add some dimension to the color. As she applied the lightener Bev explained that highlights are really a lot more understated these days and starting highlights away from the root and blending them in gives more dimension without the harshness of contrast.

After she rinsed out the foils Bev applied a straight copper color to my hair. As it processed we chatted and I kicked back while we talked about our family and beauty inspirations. After a few more minutes and a trim to tighten up my ends, I was blown out, looking fabulous and a lot more put together in the style department.

L’Pearl Salon
7592 Post Road North Kingstown