A Dynamic Dancing Duo

A new dance studio from Russia with love


One hails from Russia, the other from Ukraine. Both are passionate dancers who have been practicing since before their double-digit years. They hold dance choreography degrees, speak Ukrainian, Russian and English, and have taught dance in Poland, China and the United States, as well as their homelands. Talk about a power couple.

Olga Golubko and Dmytro Filatov have come to Westerly to share their high level of expertise with dancers and non-dancers alike at their new ballroom dance studio, The Sound of Dance. They offer private lessons, group lessons, cardio classes and wedding dance choreography. Every other Friday the duo also holds Friday Night Dance, where everyone is welcome; learn everything from ballroom to samba, salsa to cha-cha, while meeting others who match your skill level – whatever that may be.

Your first Friday Night Dance lesson is only $8. If you become a member, the next one is $8, too. Non-members pay $18 per session.  Lessons are from 7:30-9pm.