A Color Story

Color makes the difference


What is your design background?
I have always enjoyed design, even at a young age; I was constantly rearranging the furniture in my bedroom. In college, I earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising. However, after working here at The Color House during my 20s, I realized that my true passion was interior design. I attended the Interior Design Certification Program at RISD and built a strong client base. I have over 15 years of design and color experience and I’m now the Interior Designer and Color Consultant here.

How did The Color House transition to offering interior design services in addition to paint?
As the demand for one-stop shopping increased over the years, we felt our customers were really looking for a place where they could pull together the whole look of their home. It was at this time that we began offering design services as well as custom window treatments and fabrics.

How does color shape a room?
Color has a huge impact on the feel of a room. Aside from tricking the eye into believing a space is larger or smaller, color most importantly helps to set the stage for the story a room will tell. When customers come into our store for assistance, they generally have an idea of what “color” they want. My job is to assist them in finding the perfect value of that color.

Should we pick a paint color to match our furniture?
It’s best to step back and look at the project as a whole. Generally, you want to purchase the most expensive items that are going into a space first. These are the elements that will probably not change for some time, whereas adjusting a wall color is not as costly.

What are the hot colors for summer?
Benjamin Moore recently launched a new color palette called Color Stories. It is a combination of unique, fresh, full spectrum colors that contain no black or grey. I am loving them all.

Are there some current color trends?
Trends that are happening now are rich espresso blends such as Benjamin Moore French Press, soft graphite tones such as Benjamin Moore Storm and cool amethysts, such as Benjamin Moore Amethyst Shadow.

Do you believe in changing the room for the season?
Seasonally changing up a room is always fun, plus it keeps the boredom of a space at bay. Simply by switching out items such as pillows, tablecloths and chair pads, you can move from the sand and sea glass tones of summer into the rich browns, gold and reds of autumn. When you choose a more neutral wall color, you have more flexibility to change out other design elements in the room.

How do we use accent colors at home?
Whether you decide to paint one wall a different color, or to bring in addi- tional color through fabrics, accessories or wallpaper, it is not difficult to layer and blend palettes to create a unique and personalized look. Also, painting a ceiling is another great area to put an accent color. People often forget about the fifth wall.

What trends are you obsessing over?
Currently, I am obsessed with chandeliers. I love the look of a beautiful crystal chandelier, paired with silver walls and accented with bright orange accessories. It’s amodern look with a touch of whimsy and fun.

How do you describe the design aesthetic of South County?
Customers are choosing colors and fabrics that make their space feel less formal... we are definitely seeing a lot of individuality and simplicity in design choices. For example, clients’ window treatments of choice have changed from the heavy draperies of past years to the beautiful and clean lines of Roman shades.

How does living near the beach affect deĢcor choices?
As a native Rhode Islander, I have been fortunate to have access to such a beautiful coastline, which never ceases to inspire me. When working in clients’ beach homes, I try to bring in the hues and tones of nature. Benjamin Moore has some really terrific “beachy” colors such as Ocean Breeze and Lighthouse.

Any decorating tips for fall?
Fall is a perfect time to reevaluate your home. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint or some beautiful new energy efficient window treatments, change is almost always for the better.