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Local Author Sean Fay Wolfe Returns to the World of Minecraft

College freshman and published author Sean Fay Wolfe on reaching young audiences through the power of Minecraft


For Sean Fay Wolfe, freshman year at the University of Rhode Island seems ripe with fresh experiences: independence, new friends, releasing his second novel…

Book One of Sean’s Elementia Chronicles trilogy was released back in July, with Book Two: The New Order, on the calendar for an October 27 release. The Elementia Chronicles is an action-adventure odyssey set within the world of Minecraft, a virtual game that allows players to create their own 3D generated world.

“I wanted to write something with intelligence that would introduce kids to really relevant issues,” says Sean. “The fantasy world pulls them in, but they’re introduced to themes that draw parallels to their own lives.”

The popularity of Minecraft, and its experience of virtual interaction, enables the stories to resonate with young readers in the spirit of inclusive education.
“It’s a fun game that kids love, and you can use it to create anything you want. When you put those things together, it becomes an ideal platform for education,” he explains. “You can teach them anything comprehensively; literally, anything.”

Sean has received glowing reviews from educators who’ve brought the novel into the classroom. In kind, he’s looking to the future of The Elementia Chronicles, working with publishers to release an accompanying Teacher’s Guide that includes discussion questions and extension activities, and incorporates Reading Standards and the Common Core.

“The biggest joy for me is getting the kids who don’t like to read, or have trouble reading, intrigued and engaged. It’s just so rewarding.”