Boost Your Spirit in South County

Where to go in Rhode Island to take care of your innermost self


Nourish Your Body and Spirit

All you really need to do to live your best life is to dig deep, identify what you really need and give yourself permission to go for it. Sounds easy, right? It’s easier said than done. At the holistic nutrition and wellness-focused BNourished, Katie McDonald offers a BTransformed program. The intensive one-on-one program helps you make lasting changes to your self-care routine, including everything from making better food choices to eliminating toxins from your home to incorporating essential oils into your daily life. Saunderstown. 965-4486.

Reinvigorate Your Career
We’ve all been there – no matter how hard you’re trying to get ahead at your job, it just isn’t working the way you want it to. At Encore Executive Coaching, Mary O’Sullivan offers professional coaching that can help you transform your current job into a career you’re passionate about, whether that includes a major work change or not. She also offers team coaching and leadership coaching. 630 Ten Rod Road, North Kingstown. 742-1965.

Live Your Story

Deb Walsh believes that every person is the hero of his or her story – it’s just that not every person knows it. Her Dream + Dare + Do workshops encourage people to determine what it is they really want, and develop a “mindset of possibility” that gives them the courage to pursue it. Deb also hosts a salon series to connect and empower women called The X Factory, which has monthly meetups. 

Take 40
The 40 Day Revolution at All That Matters will give you an entirely new perspective on yourself and how you interact with the world. The program involves weekly (or daily) yoga practice, meditation, nutrition guidance and daily inspiration to make you, for once, actually make yourself and your peace of mind a priority. The program is intense, but it really is a personal revolution, in the best possible way. Locations in East Greenwich and Wakefield. 

See with Crystal Vision
At Mindful Tides Reiki and Healing Arts, Rita Webb works with the body’s energies to facilitate healing, guidance and inspiration. She does reiki sessions with the added boost of crystal therapy, which uses the elements of healing crystals to channel positive vibes and create an added element of intention to your energy practice. Rose quartz boosts your ability to give and receive romantic love, which is something we could all use a little more of this month. Narragansett. 508-463-8515.